Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Christmas Traditions - Advent Calendar Day Four

watching reindeer

Today's Advent Calendar activity was a field trip to Swanson's Nursery to check out the reindeer and camel along with the holiday trains. We also had our first advent guest! One of my PEPS friends joined us at Swanson's. Molly and her son are best buds so they had a grand time running around the nursery and checking out all the holiday goodness.


Curley the Camel

We spent a looooong, loooong time at the Holiday Train with Molly and her little friend checking out the entire set. They were greatly amused when the "Train Master" came along to fix a derailed train. 

watching the train


After checking out the trains, we roamed around the nursery a bit before heading inside to watch the fish. Maggie thought the pond was awesome and ended up soaked when I wasn't paying as close attention to her as I should have been. 

happy maggie

It was a successful field trip to check out the holiday fun at Swanson's Nursery! Both Molly and Maggie took a nice long nap afterward. 

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