Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Beginning of a Whole30 Journey

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In a few short days, Scott and I start our Whole30 journey. I've spent the last few weeks planning out our entire month of food from snacks to breakfasts, lunches and dinners. If being prepared is the key to success, then we are going to be extremely successful (maybe).

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As I worked on this meal plan, I thought about how meal preparation has been a bit difficult for me lately. After some careful thought, I figured out it is because I often bite off more than I can chew so with that in mind, I tried to keep our meals simple. I honestly do not have more than 30 minutes to prepare a meal on an average night so a lot of our meals will be very simple or make enough for leftovers later in the week and at lunch. I also don't really have the time to prep for hours on the weekend for the coming week's meals. I will do some prep (because really one needs to do some food prep work to be successful on Whole30) but I'm not going to spend hours in the kitchen to get this done.

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I've planned to make one big dish for breakfast and lunch per week. I'm fine with eating the same thing for a week. I'll also mix in leftovers for lunch. Dinners will be simple affairs with one or two more complicated dishes a week.

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I'm planning on heading to Costco at the end of the week to stock up on Salmon, Chicken Apple Sausages and tons of pre-cut veggies. These will be the base of many meals. I'm also hoping they have some Whole30 snacks available, like LaraBars, Nuts, etc. I don't plan on snacking much but I do think LaraBars will be extremely helpful for any 6 a.m. Barre3 workouts as I don't envision getting up at 4:30 a.m. to cook myself an eggy hash breakfast!  

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Molly is even getting into our Whole30 plan and helped me make breakfast for the week. She had lots of questions about what I was doing and what the ingredients were. Then she spent a fair amount of time "taste testing" the tomatoes. While our girls will not be following a strict Whole30 diet (they will be eating grains and dairy), I'm hoping to improve their nutrition by providing them with more opportunities to eat more vegetables.

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You can find my entire January Whole30 plan here. Do you have any advice for us as we begin our Whole30 journey? What was your biggest hurdle and how did you get over it?
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