Sunday, December 21, 2014

Twelve Months with Mag-Pie

Maggie 52 Weeks

Dear Maggie,

Today you are one-year-old and as I remember the night you surprised us with your entry, I get a bit misty. I remember the adrenaline racing through my body and the exhilaration I felt upon meeting you. I'm also reminded of my Father racing to our house to take care of Molly so we could leave for the hospital to meet you. I'm so grateful that he had the opportunity to meet you while also saddened that you will never get to know what a wonderful Grandfather he was.

cakeeater (1 of 1)

We had a little party to celebrate you and you had such a great time! You chased your sister's friends around and played with your cousin, Abby. You had cake (a homemade version of a Funfetti cake with a fun little bunting), opened so many presents and giggled along the way.

present (1 of 1)

You've grown from a wee 8 lb 12 oz newborn to a 24 lb + toddler in just a year. It's amazing how fast you've grown and all the amazing things you've learned to do. You now open heavy drawers in the kitchen to quickly throw things all over, you run fast, you love holding forbidden objects in both your hands and trying to hid them from my and you babble with the best of them. I am most impressed with your communication skills. For someone with no words, you can quickly and efficiently express your wants and desires. It's absolutely amazing!


This year has been a roller coaster going from amazing highs to devastating lows but having you has really made it such a wonderful year. We struggled a bit as a pair in the beginning when you wouldn't (couldn't) breast feed and I ended up pumping for over 8 months. That was one area that I really wanted us to succeed in and while it may not have looked like traditional success, I am still really proud of making it work for us. You've thrived and are a great eater. 

Platy meets Chicken Nugget!

While I may have been joking around when the above photo was taken, I kinda wasn't and that has been my face so many times over the past year. You and your sister are quite the pair. We call the two of you, Wild Bill and Calamity Jane and we often do not know who is the leader and who is the side kick. 


I am looking forward to many more adventures with you this next year. Molly will be going to a drop-off preschool next year which means we'll have four mornings a week together. I'm looking forward to having that one-on-one time with you. You are a character and I am so looking forward to getting to know you even more. I have a strong feeling that you are going to have me in stitches more often than your sister does. 


This past month has been filled with holiday activity and celebration. Your birthday season will always be crowded by the holidays. I'll show you how to be protective of your day, just as I am protective of my day; while also celebrating the season. Soon your second Christmas will be here and I know Santa has forgiven you for crying on his lap and will be bringing you the best presents. 


Maggie, your smiling, happy face keeps brings smiles to all of our faces. You have completed our little family and made it perfect. We love you so much and so enjoy every moment we have with you. We love you, little Mag-Pie! 
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