Friday, December 05, 2014

Christmas Traditions - Advent Calendar Day Five & Six


Somehow yesterday slipped away without any Advent Fun to be had! We made up for it in spades today. Wellll, Molly and I made up for it in spades. Maggie just continued her reign of destruction around my house. Destruction brings her joy even if it does not bring the same feeling to me.


Wearing her Mermaid Costume (boy, have we ever gotten our money worth out of that thing!), Molly made cards (with a bit of help from me) for Teacher Janice, Coach Kirstie and her Speech Therapist, Deanna. I plan to add a little something to them and then we'll start delivering them next week.


Then we moved on to making treats for our neighbors. Every year I bake up cookies and other treats and then we make the rounds delivering the goods. I love visiting our neighbors and seeing how they are doing and I believe they like the baked goods. Molly's attention span wasn't great so we tackled just one of the goodies on our list today. 

cookie mixing

We made Reindeer Chow Muddy Buddies which were perfect for today because they can be stored in the freezer until gifting time (hopefully sometime next week). 

quality control

I'm really enjoying our Advent Calendar Fun (even if we missed yesterday due to Holiday parties, appointments and commitments). I'm especially enjoying everyone else's calendars and I'm gathering so many ideas for next year! 

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