Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Christmas Traditions - Advent Calendar Day Nine & Ten


We've been keeping ourselves occupied with a few quieter Advent Calendar activities since our weekend of festivities! I also made a switch on one of our items because it just wasn't working with our schedule.


Yesterday, we made a bunch of Christmas Cards for the Grandparents. Molly loved making them at first but it was a bit of a struggle to keep her attention going for the last one. Molly even got into the act and let me trace her little hand onto the cards.


Today we were supposed to go to the WildLights at the Zoo but I switched it with December 18th's activity which was to "Donate a gift to someone in need through a Giving Tree." The gift is also due at the Giving Tree by the 14th so it was a win-win for everyone. 

We gave an Amazon Gift Card which I hope is very helpful to our gift recipient. Molly really enjoyed selecting a tag off the tree and while I know she doesn't quite get the giving portion of this activity yet, I hope she is getting something from the experience. 

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