Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas Traditions - Advent Calendar Day Seven & Eight

I have a ticket

It was a busy Holiday weekend around these parts! We hit up the Mt. Rainier Santa Train on Saturday afternoon for a Santa Meet & Greet and a train ride along with my brother's family. There was excitement leading up to the train ride, unhappiness on the train, pure panic upon seeing Santa and relief when the train returned to the station.


Molly was so excited about the train while we waiting to load onto it. She chatted about the CHOO-CHOO and how she was going to see Santa and CHOO-CHOO! Once on the train, her excitement faded and Maggie began to get a wee bit cranky.

Train Kids

Shortly thereafter it was our turn to go meet Santa! We got the three grandkids together and headed to the Santa Train Car. There was excitement in the air. The adults discussed photo strategy. I got my camera ready. The other adults approached Santa with the kids and chaos rained down. There was screaming, limp noodle bodies and heels digging in. They were NOT GOING TO SIT ON SANTA'S LAP! And so they did not. Santa still gave them sweet little bears and wished them a Happy Holiday.


We headed back to our seats and entertained the kids until we stopped at the Railroad Museum which was fairly interesting. The ride back to the station felt shorter than the ride out. Molly announced that she was SO EXCITED to go back to the car. I think her excitement lessened when we told her that we were driving to Portland instead of home.


The Santa Train was a fun experience and the views from the train were amazing! I'm not sure this is something we'd do every year but it was an entertaining time.


Saturday night we headed down to Portland for a family birthday on Sunday. Before the birthday party, we headed out to breakfast in Sellwood and visited Sellwood Park to run off some of the girl's energy. While there we saw the Portland Santa Train and yelled, Choo-choo at the train. Molly still likes to yell at the trains.


There was a park bench with a holiday wreath and some holiday lights to check out in the Sellwood neighborhood. We had a grand time exploring the park and area.



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