Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Simple Word for 2015

March Madness - Visit Discovery Park

2014's word of the year was Acceptance and when I selected it, I did not know how appropriate it would turn out to be. I had to accept a lot this past year. I had to accept that my Father had Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and would pass away much too quickly. I had to accept his death. I do not like it but I have accepted it. I had to accept that Maggie would never breast feed and I would have to accept that I'd be pumping for a long time. I had to accept that my life will be chaotic for years, wonderfully chaotic.

Something I Saw - Boaters on Greenlake #fmsphotoaday

Along the way, I learned how to accept help, how to accept things I could not change and accept that things eventually turn out, just not how you expect. I did a lot of accepting throughout 2014. I also learned that I have some of the most awesome friends and family around. My community is broad, hugely supportive and so important. My community stretches from my neighborhood, across Seattle and across the Internet. Some of my biggest supporters are people I have never actually met in person and yet provide me with immense support when I need it.


2014 wasn't just about accepting. It was also about living. We did a lot of living this year as a family. We took some awesome trips, had the best playdates, made adventures out of the everyday and created memories as a family. There was a lot of good in 2014.


This year, I'm embracing Simple. I'll be working toward simplifying, keeping things simple, simply living. I'll be enjoying the little things, the simple things. Simple. 2015.

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