Tuesday, March 31, 2015

C25K Begins Here!


I just went out there and started C25K. I didn't think it through but that's ok. I strapped Maggie into the BOB stroller, dropped Molly off at preschool and hit the streets.

It was a slog. I felt like a hippo running through a swamp. I lifted each foot slower and slower as time went on. BUT I ran every run and I completed Day 1!

Maggie enjoyed our jaunt and stayed in the stroller until the last few blocks from home. I didn't quite time out the distance so C25K ended about 4 blocks away from home. Maggie walked those and got a good little workout herself.

I'm using the Run 5K app for no reason other than I think I downloaded a different app than I thought? No bother though! It worked well and that's good enough for me! The goal is to be running a 5k without walk breaks in 8 weeks. We'll see what June 1st brings.
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