Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Film Project


Way back in January, I decided to take out my Dad's Yashica camera and see if it still worked. I grabbed some old film and started shooting. The kids and I went to a park where they ran and played while I snapped some photos.

I was transported back to high school when I shot with this camera. I could hear my Dad's voice in my ear telling me what to set my aperture at, where to focus and what to watch in the view finder. I was also reminded of taking pictures with this camera of my baby cousin, Peter who is no longer with us. He was my first kid model. He was such a delightful sport and a fun little guy. While I didn't always get all the technical parts right, I think these photos came out pretty awesome.

I have a bunch of expired film languishing in my linen closet and a film camera that reminds me of my Dad so I'll be trying to shoot with it at least once a month. My current stumbling block is the development of the film. I get it developed at the drugstore down the street but they like to put electronic files on CD which is difficult for me to access. I'll make it work though as I love how the film captures these memories.







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