Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fifteen Months with Mag-Pie

Dear Maggie,

Whoa! This past month has been insane and you've grown insanely. You are starting to lose your baby face and starting to look like a little kid. I'm not sure that I'm a fan of this. I love my squishy little baby.


I am however enjoying seeing the lovely little kid you are becoming. You are full of spunk, sass and joy. There is always a smile on your face and a giggle upon your lips. You have such joy for life and I love living in your world. 


You are becoming opinionated which is awesome but kinda hard. You see your sister is also opinionated so there are clashes that happen almost every minute of every day. It's going to get loud around here with both of your opinions but the air is also filled with laughter from both of you and that is the good stuff. 


We went on a hike to Discovery Park a few weeks ago and it was awesome. I look forward to more hikes this summer. We'll hit up all the city parks for all the hikes. You had a great time and were so tired by the end of the hike. 


We also started swim lessons this month and you are a water baby! I'm taking lessons with you while your sister takes lessons on the other side of the pool. I did parent/tot lessons with your sister and while this feels a bit like an old hat to me, it's brand new to you. I try to take time to take in your joy when we are in the pool together. You love the water. You especially love the hot tub time we get after swim lessons and often point to the hot tub when we are in the big pool. You've been building some great swim skills and I can't wait to watch you improve on those skills this summer. I plan on spending a ton of time in the water with both of you this summer. 



This past week has been rough for us. You had your first and second ER visit due to dehydration from what we think was the flu. It totally sucked. You have been sick for most of this month but we are on the upswing back toward health. You have your well-child check in another week but I know you've grown taller, gained a few lbs and a whole lot of attitude! 


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