Thursday, March 12, 2015

Goals & Checking In on Getting My Sh*t Together!

Make #fmsphotoaday I'm making a blanket for Molly.

I haven't talked about my goals in awhile and I thought it was time to check-in on Getting My Sh*t Together! I'm doing pretty good on some of my goals and haven't started a few of them. 

I finished the Barre3 Challenge and did a Whole30. I felt so good on Whole30 that I'm planning to do another one soon. 

I got a bit sidetracked on purging the house with the Bowl Full of Lemons 14 Week Plan but I'm working to get back on track because it is really working! 

I've been posting daily on the blog and have completed about 95% of a redesign. I'm considering changing the name of the blog but I'm stuck on what I'd change it to. So send me your suggestions! 

I haven't even started building a Capsule Wardrobe but I will and I plan to re-start on TKGA Master Knitting Level I in July. 

I recently posted about my running thoughts and will start C25K in the coming weeks. 

We've been really good about reducing our waste and composting more. The garbage can is barely full weekly and we have a smaller one. The recycling bin is stuffed and the compost bin is heavy. 

This coming weekend, I'll be planting my spring garden and I hope Molly will help me. 

And finally the Second Day in the Life Challenge is coming up! Let's do it on Saturday, March 21st. Can't wait to see your photos! 
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