Monday, March 02, 2015

Into the Vortex


Once a month, we do a big Costco shopping trip. Scott and the girls grudgingly come along with dread in their steps.


Somewhere along the way, Scott started a series that he calls, "Into the Vortex" where he takes a photo of the girls in the Costco cart. He likes to save the photo until we are almost done with our trip, when the cart is laden with foodstuffs and stock. 


What I love most about these shots is seeing the girls grow throughout the year. Maggie is getting so big, so fast! She's now a little opinionated person on these trips whereas when we started, she was just this snuggly little baby that I wore in the carrier. 


I've decided to photo bomb the photo the last two times because I'll admit to getting a bit delirious by the end of our visit. Costco can be a very overwhelming place. 


I can't wait to see what future photos of our trip into the vortex look like.

I'm excited to note that I launched a new blog design last night. There are a few areas (such as the header) that need to be updated & tweaked but let me know what you think! The old design was getting old. I think I last updated it in 2008. Yikes! 
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