Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Gardening


After weeks of planning, I finally got my Spring Garden in. I had planned to plant everything in early March but that did not happen. On Saturday afternoon, I had a few hours free so instead of cleaning the house (because that is never fun), I decided to spend that time digging in the dirt.


Molly and I headed over to Swanson's to gather plants. I may have gotten a bit out of control but I love plants! I also stocked up on fertilizer, compost and a few other gardening tools. Molly loaded everything up in the red wagons they provide for the kids. I ended up dragging the wagon through Swanson's along with the cart I had gotten for the heavy stuff. Needless to say, I was less than amused at that point.


After we arrived home and unloaded all our goodies, Molly lost interest in gardening and went inside. I headed to the backyard and started planting. I did a bit of garden bed clean-up as some weeds had trickled in since I did the initial garden bed clean-up. After visiting Swanson's, I changed up some of my plans. I decided to focus on more leafy greens and root vegetables and nixed the cauliflower and broccoli plans.


I ended up planting the following:

Box #1 - Black Magic Kale, Lacinato/Dinosaur Kale, Blue Scotch Vates Curled Kale, Renegade Spinach and Miners Lettuce


Box #2 & #3 - Australian Yellow Heirloom Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, Lollo Rossa Leaf Lettuce, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Golden Beets, Cylindra Beets, Walla Walla Onions, Tadorna Leeks, Rainbow Chard


Box #4 - Parmex Carrots, Circus Circus Carrots, Thelma Sanders' Sweet Acorn Squash,  French Petits Pois Heirloom Shelling Peas and Sugar Snap Peas


I also planted two strawberry plants in some empty pots and another rosemary bush in the herb garden section on the side of the house. The herb garden needs some serious weeding and some more herb planting/planning. I also noticed that the Rhubarb is coming up on the side of the house which is exciting. Now to sit back and watch everything grow! Spring is exciting that way, everything starts coming back to life after the Winter and I can't wait to see what happens.
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