Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sunday Moment

Thank You #fmsphotoaday I'm thankful for date night with my husband and time alone together.

Last week, my Mother fell and broke her hip. I've spent a lot of time at the hospital with her since her fall. I called in some emergency daycare and when I went to pick up the kids on Friday, the daycare owner had the nicest things to say to me. She was impressed that I had left the kids with her so I could be with my Mom at the hospital and told me that good karma would be coming back to me. I wanted to tell her that I wasn't doing anything special. I was just being there when someone needed me more.

I was reminded that sometimes we need to water others, to water ourselves. Though honestly I feel like I've been watering so many others lately that I'm becoming parched. I find myself asking myself, "How do you keep yourself watered when so many others need to be watered by you?" I'm still searching for the best balance but one way I keep myself watered is through exercise. I went to an amazing yoga class last week which helped soothe my exhaustion and plan to hit up a spin class later today. I'm still a barre3 addict too. Exercise waters my soul. 
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