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Have you heard about ClassPass? A few months ago, a friend of mine told me about this new subscription service, ClassPass that she had joined. Basically, ClassPass is a $79/month fitness membership that gets you unlimited monthly fitness classes at dozens of boutique studios in Seattle. Classes range from yoga and bootcamp to barre, spinning and strength training to name a few. The catch is you can only visit a studio three times in a month. You book online through the ClassPass website and classes can be reserved about a week out. You can cancel your reservations up to 24 hours in advance without penalty. 


I loved the idea that you could jump from studio to studio trying out different classes without committing. We all have times in our lives when commitment is not something we want or need. At the time, I had just signed up for a 3-month membership to barre3 so I tucked the information away. Then a few weeks ago, another friend mentioned ClassPass to me again and sent me a special rate to try out the service. I couldn't resist any longer and jumped on board. 

Photo Credit: @devonpass 
You can see me on the right hand side, toward the middle, prepping for class. I admit to feeling a bit nervous. 

I've gone to two ClassPass classes since I signed up a week ago and I'm having so much fun! The first class I went to was a ClassPass event. There were fun drinks, great apparel and an amazing swag bag along with a Yoga class that kicked my butt. I don't know if it was because I had been up since 3:30 a.m. that day, if I am out of Yoga shape or if it was just super hard. I loved it though and am looking to return to Strala Yoga soon. 


The second class I attended was a spinning class at FlyWheel. I smartly decided to take a 45 minute class because I haven't been on a bike of any kind in over 4 years. My butt may take a few days to recover from my spinning adventure but again it was such an awesome experience. They turn off the lights, pump up the music and encourage you to spin fast! I also liked how they added in about 10 minutes of arm exercises with weights. I always feel like your arms get left out in spin classes and this totally made them quiver.   


I do have to say that ClassPass is great if you are an adventurous exerciser and love jumping from studio to studio. It allows you to try out different classes without commitment. I could see ClassPass being a bit nerve racking if you don't enjoy new, uncomfortable situations. 

I've found it to be exhilarating and I've been going in with the attitude that I know nothing about these studios and asking the studio staff for lots of help. When I visited FlyWheel, I had one of the staff members set up my bike and show me the ropes. I've also found that it also helps to show up a little bit early at a new studio to give yourself a chance to check out the environment. So far, I've discovered new studios, learned about new classes and taken classes I'm not sure I would have without ClassPass. I'm signed up for another yoga class and barre class later this week. 

Visit classpass.com/twoinseattle for a special deal!
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