Friday, May 01, 2015

100 Day Project Update

Swatch #14 #100daysproject #100daysofswatching

I'm about a quarter of the way into my 100 Day Project and I'm still going strong! I'm the swatch master! The one surprising thing to me is how quickly I'm going through yarn. I've already used a skein and a half yarn. I really thought it was going to be enough but it looks like a visit to the yarn store will be in order.

Swatch #20 #100daysproject #100daysofswatching

I've also been working on the writing portion of my TKGA Master Knitting 1 project. It's funny though for all the writing I do, whenever I try to sit down and write on knitting, I end up stopping to knit! I just want to knit. I plan to tackle the blocking report within the coming weeks so I can really focus on the swatches and answering the questions related to them. 

Swatch #8! I'm a wee bit behind but hope to catch up by Sunday. #100daysproject #100daysofswatching
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