Saturday, May 23, 2015

Seventeen Months with Mag-Pie

Showing off her belly

Dear Maggie,

You are closer to two than one. You are becoming such a big kid. You know what you want even if you don't have the words to say it. You communicate so well without words. I did have have your speech evaluated this month and she said that you do have a delay. I haven't received the report yet so I don't know by how much. You'll be getting some help to find your words soon which I think will bring you great joy. I'm excited to hear your little voice say more things.


We've had a lot of fun this month. We went on a girl's only road trip, explored many beaches, went our on first summer hike and enjoyed time at Molly's preschool. Molly's school had a family day last week so I stayed with you so you could play. You are so ready to start school there in the fall. You love to explore the rooms, play with the play dough and sing songs at circle time. 


The weather has been warming up so we've been eating outside, playing in the sprinkler and basically just hanging out in the backyard when we can. You love playing outside with your sister and helping me water the garden. Luckily, unlike your sister, you haven't pulled out any veggies that are not ready to be harvested yet. 


You are growing up so fast that I often yell, "Who is this BIG girl? Where is my BABY?" I'm excited though that you are growing up. As much as I like cuddling babies, I really enjoy watching toddlers explore the world and watching their eyes light up at their discoveries. You are making so many discoveries. 

You love playing with your sister and other kids. I'm trying to increase your friend circle which I'm sure will grow when you start co-op in the Fall. 

Who is this kid? Where is Baby Maggie?

Oh sweet Maggie, we love you so very much! You are one awesome kid! 

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