Saturday, May 09, 2015

Sixteen Months with Mag-Pie

Maggie - 16 Months

I'm a little late on this month's letter but I didn't want to let the month go by without writing this. We had a few adventures in your 16th month, from Easter to the Tulip Fields. I think you enjoyed everything.  


I dressed you and Molly in matching dresses for Easter. I'm going to keep doing this until the two of you revolt because it is so dang cute! You had a fun Easter with a big family dinner the night before, church the morning of and a quiet afternoon at home. 


You've become quite the curious little child, always digging in drawers and exploring. One of our favorite activities (and one of my least favorite) is to open the big drawer in the kitchen full of your plates and throw them all over the kitchen. You laugh and giggle as I tell you, "no".


The weather has continued to be nice so I try to take you and your sister on walks. You guys really dig hanging out in the double stroller. It's a heavy load for me but it's a nice time together.


You still aren't talking very much but we're working on it. You do know where your nose is but you also think that your ears and mouth are in the same location. It's hilariously cute.


You love getting up early with the sun but also like going to bed early. I do wish you and your sister were on scheduled that sync'd up a bit better. She likes to go to bed late and sleep late while you are my early bird. *yawn*


You've become quite impish. You look at me while I tell you not to do something, smile and quickly do it. It's hard not to laugh while trying to get you to stop your naughty activities. I love your passion though.


We went up to the Tulip Fields and while you had a few temper tantrums, you also loved running around the fields and most especially enjoyed the ice cream afterwards.

You are fascinated with Molly's co-op preschool which is great since you'll be going there next year. It will be strange to be there with you instead of Molly but I know it will also be terribly exciting for both of us. Keep being awesome, Mag-Pie! 
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