Monday, May 11, 2015

April Book Report


Unlike my previous book reports, I did not finish any books in April. I started reading Wildwood and got hung up in it. I'm still plowing through but I'm only about 27% through the 576 page book so I'm withholding judgement until I get a bit further through it. 

I am excited about a new book through the Seattle Reads program though. "Seattle Reads" is a program where the city of Seattle is invited to read one book together to deepen our city's love for literature though reading and discussion. Hundreds of books are loaned out and then the author visits various libraries throughout Seattle for readings and discussion. 

This year's selection is The Painter by Peter Heller. From the Seattle Reads website, The Painter is about" Jim Stegner, a famous expressionist painter from Taos, struggling to manage the dark impulses within him. Jim suffered a tragedy that she's still grieving. He now lives peacefully in rural Colorado, spending his days paining and fly-fishing, until one day he encounters a brutal act of violence that rips his life wide open. Pursued by men dead set on retribution, Jim returns to New Mexico and the high-profile life he left behind, where he'll reckon with past deeds and the dark shadows in his own heart."

I picked up my copy on Saturday and started reading it right away. This might be just the book I need to jump start my reading again. If not, I have quite a few books in the queue that are sure to get me reading again. 

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