Tuesday, May 05, 2015

FitBit Challenge

These shoes took me 5 miles today! Go shoes!

I'm in a fierce competition with a group of people I don't really know and it is all because of my FitBit! My phone keeps sending me little messages and I'm being encouraged to get my daily step count in.


I'm really getting into the challenge. Today when the girls and I went to Target, I parked a few aisles further away from the entrance. Then I did a few extra loops around the store so I could get some extra steps. 


I'm not usually bothered that my barre3 time isn't officially counted by my FitBit but with this challenge I am! I feel like those 60 minutes should count for something. Alas it does not so I'd best get stepping. Dan is a fierce stepper and I'm never going to catch up with him if I stay on the computer. Time to get stepping!

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