Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Birds & The Bees, 10 Letters and 100 Days of Summer Make Up This Week's Links Around the Web


The 10 Letters Project A friend shared this on Facebook today and I've already watched the trailer a few times. I'm excited to check out the full project!

rom Beach To Timberland, Carkeek Park Is A Wonderwall Of Discovery I wrote about my favorite park, Carkeek Park for Seattle Refined. There is so much to discover at this park!

Influential Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Dies The kids fell asleep in the car today and as I drove around Magnolia, I listened to this amazing story on NPR. They interviewed another photographer who talked about Seattle in the time that Mary Ellen Mark photographed so many street scenes. I was transported to the time when Downtown Seattle wasn't really a safe place and I remembered why I never went Downtown as a kid. It's fascinating to see glimpses into a city's past through a great photographer's work.

100 Days of Summer Speaking of photography, I'm planning on participating in the 100 Days of Summer which starts on May 31st! This project is a photo a day from May 31st to September 7th. I can't wait to see where this project takes me.

The Birds & The Bees I recently went to a presentation about preschoolers and sex by Amy Lang. I learned so much and shortly thereafter casually started discussing sex with Molly who is entirely uninterested. The only thing she's hung onto is that her good guy friend is built differently from her. Since this is what Amy Lang said to expect, I'm happy with how things are going. I was fascinated when This American Life did a recent show on just this subject. I was enthralled for the entire hour and hope that I can continue teaching my kids about sex, how to engage in it respectfully and wisely (and not until they are 34!) and to be a good resource for them on this tricky subject. The show also touches on death and racism. We've already had to tackle death in this house and I feel good about how we are dealing with that but racism is something I still struggle with.

Ghostwriters and Childhood Classics Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys were childhood classics for me. Nancy Drew more than the Hardy Boys but man I was so excited when I was introduced to these books by my Mother. I remember the aisles and aisles of these books in the book store. They made my book loving heart flutter wildly.

Abandoned: The Rise, Fall and Decay of Disney’s River Country I read this article while hunched over my phone on our getaway this weekend. It is fascinating and I feel like I've seen River Country on previous trips to Disney World. Now I want to visit again and see the decay!
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