Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Princesses, Movies and Helicopter Moms make up This Week's Links Around the Web


Single Serve Oatmeal for the Freezer - I'm not really a morning person and I'm trying to think ahead to make-ahead breakfasts and these look perfect!

Wes Anderson Auditions to Direct Star Wars - This is awesome! 

Keep Produce Fresher, Longer - Good Stuff Here

Helicopter Moms - Bane of My Existence and yet, they mean so well. But man if I haven't had enough coffee and I'm tired, I just can't deal. "I don't come to the park to parent. I come to give my kids the freedom from parenting, within reasonable limits. I come to the park to let my kids explore. I come to the park to let my kids be kids."

How the Hell Does She Look Like That? I've read a lot of these kind of articles since Princess Kate gave birth to Princess Charlotte last week and I'm annoyed. After Molly's birth, I looked and felt like death worn over but after Maggie's birth, I looked and felt great! I went on a short walk two days after giving birth. I moved rooms an hour after giving birth and was annoyed because they wouldn't let me carry anything. We don't know how Kate's birth went. From the looks and stories, it sounds like she was lucky enough to have an incredibly easy birth. She also has people. But what really sucks for Princess Kate is that she had to appear in public, looking beautiful and all that to show off her baby. So why do people have to pile onto that suckage and wonder how she did it? She did it because it is part of her position, that sucky part of her job. Now let's just marvel at how cute Princess Charlotte is. And that bonnet! I want to knit a million bonnets like that! 

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