Thursday, May 07, 2015

Home Care

"Mom, There are TOO many pictures! There should be only one." Molly to me. Yeah, I'm not taking decorating advice from someone who sleeps on the floor rather than her comfy bed.

I have this massive list of things that need to be done around the house. I feel like the list just grows and rarely shrinks. This week I decided to just focus on getting some things done and it feels good to have crossed some small things off my list. 


I've been meaning to add to the girl's picture wall so on Tuesday I dragged the girls to Target, got some frames and came home and started putting things together. Today I hung up the pictures. I still want to do something to the wooden M above their dresser but I haven't decided what. I did decide to just get it done, even if it isn't perfect. 


I also needed to redo the weather stripping around our front door and repaint the threshold. It was starting to look really nicked up. Maggie took an epic nap so I tackled the project. I still need to repaint around the door frame but for now we have new weather stripping and a shiny threshold. 


I've had two empty frames in our bedroom, waiting for the perfect additions. I found a fun Amsterdam map printable online and printed that out. Now I only have one empty frame. Improvement!

My list is still epically long but I feel like I'm making progress. Now to just decide what color I want the hallway painted. This is a harder decision than it really should be but I'll make it soon. How do you keep yourself motivated on household projects? I mean some of our projects are so boring but have to be done in the name of home ownership. Others are exciting but require more funds or time than we are prepared to spend at the moment. Still I want to keep the momentum going and keep crossing things off my list. 
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