Monday, March 22, 2004
All's Good

So the Interview went well (I think). I really liked the lady and she said she enjoyed meeting me which may just be lip service but still sounded nice. I should know by end of the week, so now I can sit around and shake like a nervous crazy lady!

I start at the coffee shop tomorrow for my first day of training. It will be 4 hours which will be good. It will keep me out of trouble for 4 hours!

I don't know if I showed this earlier or not but I finally got around to finishing up my waterbottle cozies! Yes, I made two. Why stop at just one when they are so cool!?!

Also I finished up my PINK scarf! I love it! Too bad the weather is getting nice and I won't be able to wear it until next winter. Well, I do like the sun too.

This scarf was done in a wavy pattern from Knit It so here is the close up!

Tomorrow watch for stories of me fighting the espresso machine all the while hoping for the "real" job!
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