Friday, March 19, 2004
Sew Some, Knit Some

Yesterday I began work on my new Gym cosmetics bag. I have a bag that I carry my shampoo and other important shower stuff to the gym in but it is beginning to fall apart. In my quest to make as many tote bags as humanly possible, I decided to make myself a new bag for the gym. I purchased some oilskin fabric and began sewing. Just a warning! Today is a big photo day!

This is what the fabric looked like before I started.

And this is what my bag(s) look like. After sewing the bigger one, I decided I needed a smaller one to carry combs and other hair accessories.

Now they just need zippers and handles (well the big one needs handles). Here are the insides of the bags. I decided not to line these bags and just folded down the top edges.

I also started knitting up the scrumptious ribbon yarn I acquired on Wednesday. It's knitting up quick and looks quite delicious!

Oh, Mot brought me this back from Hawaii. Do you think she knows me too well?

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