Wednesday, March 24, 2004
A True Artist

Many years ago when I went off to college at Washington State University, I decided to take the chance and allow the college to assign a roommate to me. None of my best friends were going to my school so I thought I'd see who they stuck me with. In the back of my mind, I think I always knew that I could switch roommates if I needed to.

I got lucky that day. I remember moving into this tiny room which was about the same size as my room at home but I had to share it. Now that made me nervous. What didn't make me nervous was the great person the college assigned to me. Kim was so open and friendly. She even offered to help me move my stuff in even though she was tired from moving her stuff in the day before. In just a few weeks, Kim is getting married and I'm lucky enough to be in the wedding. It will be a very special day for all of us. When I say that Kim kissed a lot of frogs before she met her prince, I can truly say that she kissed a LOT of frogs! When I met her fiance for the first time, I called my Mom and told her that I thought Kim had met the one for her.

Kim comes from a very creative and close-knit family. Her brother works at one of the local TV stations as a weather forecaster and writes articles for the station's Web site. Kim's mother, Karen paints beautiful works on silk and recently was invited to showcase her work at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. Scott wrote a great article on this feat.

Click here for the article

I'm always tickled when I think of how far Karen has some with her work. She didn't begin to blossom until Kim and I were in college and she would send us the most beautiful care packages. It amazes me to think that someone I know has artwork hanging in a true museum. Karen also did Kim's wedding invitations which turned out so beautiful.

I will try scanning it in today so I can share the beauty with you. It's amazing what people can create.


Kim's Wedding Invitation

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