Sunday, March 28, 2004
Running Fool

Yesterday I embarked on a long running journey of 12 miles. Well it was going to be 13 but I had to cut off one mile since I wasn't doing so hot on this run. We started in Greenlake and ran down to Shilsole Bay through Ballard and up to Fremont before returning to Greenlake. Mot's hips started hurting at mile 8 so she returned to Greenlake by cutting up through Phinney Ridge. While it was hilly, she did finish faster which was her goal. It was a great run but my foot started hurting at mile 10 and I walked the rest of the way in. All I can say about this run is that it is over and next week I only have to do 10 miles. Of course the next week I do have to do 12 but I will think of that later.

Last night while recovering from my running adventure, I watched Lost in Translation which was very good but in my opinion not Oscar worthy. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson were great together and had such wonderful chemistry.

I finished this hat for Mot a few months ago but I hadn't had the opportunity to get a picture of her wearing the hat. This was one of my own design projects. Mot wanted a hat to match a checkered white scarf she had purchased.

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