Friday, March 26, 2004
I can now make COLD beverages!

Last night at the coffeeshop I started my "real" training. The first time was just an introduction, fill out forms, etc. I learned how to make cold beverages and even convinced some customers that they needed a blended drink instead of a hot latte. Never mind that it was pouring down rain outside or that it was only 45 degrees. They needed a blended beverage so that I could make it for them! They even said they tasted good so I succeeded!

Today I go back for four more hours of training. I think I'll learn how to run the cash register! Yea for me!

I didn't get a chance to dig into my new fabric yesterday since I had lunch at Earth & Ocean for their 25 for $25 promotion. It was so good! It was delicious but the service was quite slow. Normally this wouldn't be an issue but when people have to get back to work, it can be stressful. So yummy though!

Well I think I need to answer my fabrics call before it gives up on me!
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