Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Dedicated to Matya, the Chicken Lady

Today's post is dedicated to Matya who has an obsession with Chickens. She told me in Kaua'i that she wanted to visit that particular island because of the wild chickens. Kaua'i Wild Chicken's are everywhere you go on the island. There are millions of them due to the lack of predators. These wild chickens are descendants of fowl brought by the Polynesians and domesticated species that escaped during hurricanes ‘Iwa in 1982 and ‘Iniki in 1992. Only two mammals are endemic to Kaua‘i: the Hawaiian monk seal and the hoary bat. Any other beasts you encounter have been introduced to the area. Mot decided to chase them around at the Blue Room Wet Caves.

Mot even purchased a fake chicken which she named "Roosty".

Yesterday I received a message from her saying she had purchased a t-shirt with a chicken on it and was now looking for pants. She'll be the wild chicken lady!

We encountered most of our wild chickens at the Blue Room Caves. Here is a picture of Melinda at the caves. You can't really see her because of the lighting but it's a good shot of the caves.

While in Hawaii, I started my second Chicago Bag. I think I'll be adding some felted flowers to the front. Maybe the Poppies from MagKnits!

Gotta run! I just got a call that the yarn I ordered in November is in stock! Yea!

P.S. First interview went well today. I have a "homework" assignment and need to finish that but the yarn store will be a nice break!

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