Sunday, March 21, 2004

Yesterday I completed a 10 mile run from Greenlake down and around Lake Union and up Roosevelt. It was a nice and brisk morning with a great run. I really enjoyed it and am very ready for next week's 12 mile run. EEK!

I also saw Starsky and Hutch which was fantastic! I loved it! After the movie, I received a phone call saying I had received a job as a barista at the coffee shop. While it's not my life-long career goal, it is a job and I really really like the manager. There is 25 hours of training so I'll be busy learning how to be a barista.

Monday I have a final interview with a company I really want to work for so think good thoughts tomorrow for me! I hope to soon go from no job to two jobs!

Now I need to go and make a laundry bag. It's an idea and a concept but I'm not sure about the execution!
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