Friday, July 01, 2005
Hankering for the Weekend

Oh the joy of the three-day weekend in summer! How I love thee! And I especially love the ones where I have very little planned.

So far I am planning to:

*Go Running
*Go on a Bike Ride
*Go Swimming
*Go to the Farmer's Market for tasty veggies!
*Go out to dinner with a friend visiting from Boston
*Clean the house

I'm feeling so very excited about the weekend. The weekend of relaxation and sleep. Sleep has become a very important priority for me, so much so that I am probably skipping the firework show on Monday night in order to be rested up for work. This new job is great! But I do a lot more work which wears a person out, in a good way.

Hmmmmm, three day weekend...counting down the hours till I can enjoy it...

PS Anyone know why my font size is all funky? I just can't figure out why this is suddenly happening. I've not made any template changes or anything.
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