Sunday, July 24, 2005
Busy Lazy Weekend

My Busy Lazy Weekend was just fantastic! On Friday night, I finished up Sitcom Chic (just needed to add the button) and on Saturday night after getting home from a party (the reason I was in a party dress), I photographed it.

Can I say just how much I LOVE this sweater and how sad I am that cotton-ease is discontinued because now I can't make more exactly like it in different colors?

Getting a picture of oneself at 2 a.m. isn't easy and here is how I felt trying to get a decent shot!

Today I whipped up a quick and easy scarf!

Destiny is not a fan of the modeling gig but does it because I feed her

Friday night, I heard a comotion out back and went to investigate. Imagine my surprise when I saw three Raccoons helping themselves to plums from the plum tree. I quickly grabbed Destiny (who hissed at me because she wanted to be outside but I didn't want her eaten by Raccoons.) and grabbed my camera since I have a blog to keep updated!

hard to see him here, but look closer under the plum tree

Here is Melvin the big Raccoon hamming it up for me a bit closer here. He had two little ones with him so he may be a she.

They have made visiting the plum tree part of thier nightly routine and come by around 8 p.m. It makes me scaried to let Destiny out at night since she'll try to attack them and they are much larger than her 8 pounds of hissin'.

On Saturday in my attempt to gain Destiny's wrath, I gave her a bath. She cracked me up because she looked like a little drowned rat! She was not pleased but I was! She is no longer a dusty shade of gray with a slightly stinky smell. She know smells like roses and is back to her true black color. It was worth the wrath.

Now that was a nice busy lazy weekend! I so enjoy those!

PS Yes, I got my 4 mile run in on Saturday and my 12 mile bike ride on Sunday. Both of which were fantastic!
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