Sunday, July 10, 2005
Somehow the Puppy became a *gasp* DOG!

Somehow Phoenix (My brother's dog) has gone from being a sweet (furious biter!) soft puppy

to a DOG!

Where did the cute puppy go? Who allowed this grown-up dog into the house? And why is he so much more well behaved than that puppy?

This weekend Phoenix and I spent some quality time together. I took him for a run with Zubin (and he did so very good! I was quite impressed.), we played at Zubin's house, he helped me knit (meaning he tried to eat the yarn ball and I yelled alot) and now he is begging me to go on a W-A-L-K (and yes it is cute because he keeps huffing at me and we're going in a minute, gesh!)

Phoenix also reminded me about how dogs never let you do anything alone (Oh, you're going to the bathroom - let me in there! Taking a shower -- can I peek into the curtain?) and taught me how to properly play rope.

In addition, he was there for the pinnacle moment in Sitcom Chic -- the joining of the sleeves to the body which can only mean a finish Sitcom Chic should happen sometime this year!

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