Monday, May 01, 2006
Why I Live Where I Live...

I moved here when I was twelve and I always believed that I'd move away before I turned 25. I've been away (never for long) and back again. I've traveled the world and seen great places, yet few compare to here.

Here holds my heart, my family, my friends, my memories and while I know that my heart can move, new friends can be made along with new memories, here will always be home; the place where I've lived longer than any other place in the world. Here is Seattle and there are so many reasons why I live where I live. I feel safe here.

I know what lies just after the bend in the road and yet I am constantly surprised by what lies just after the bend in the road. While I feel that I know every road and every secret hide-out, I am constantly surprised by what the city has to offer me.

The people who live here are passionate about what they believe in and while at times I feel that they are too liberal to be really open-minded, they constantly show me an insight into a new opportunity. It’s hard to deny the passion people have for this place and all that it has to offer.

That’s why I live where I live…I live where people have passion and I find plenty of it here.

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