Monday, May 29, 2006
First Love…

He made her breath catch in her throat and caused her hum along to corny love songs. “Take my breath away,” she sang as she twirled around her bubblegum pink bedroom remembering their time together earlier in the day.

She had first noticed him on the third week of school when she was caught passing a note to a friend by the teacher. His smart-aleck comment about the teacher made her laugh.

After that her obsession with his deep blue eyes started to grow. His unwavering stare back at her often created a tingling sensation in her nether regions and she wasn’t sure how to react to the feeling. She would watch him for hours and often did though Math, History and Biology class.

She couldn’t believe her luck when he was assigned as her lab partner in Biology. Dissecting anything or even paying attention to the teacher had become near impossible with him sitting so very close.

Her giggling could be heard throughout the halls as he asked her about their current Science project. The pitch of her laugh increased even more when he asked her to come to his house after school so they could work on their project together. His wink and nudge along with his question, lifted her young heart with hope.

They walked to his house together once the school bell rang releasing them from class. Once at his house, he acted as if his intention was to study but she remembered the earlier wink. After telling his Mother that they would be working on their project in the basement, they headed downstairs. Books were opened and paper taken out of notebooks. Shortly after that she experienced her first kiss and her first love.

It felt delicious and wondrous and delightful. “Love is wonderful,” she thought. She dreamed of that kiss all night and knew that she would never forget her first love.

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