Friday, May 05, 2006
Triathlon Training and Sock Knitting

LeAnne recently left a comment on the blog asking me to tell her about my triathlon training so she can live vicariously though me. Since her car accident, LeAnne has not been able to train and her dream of doing an Ironman this year has vanished. Fortunately though she will be OK and for that everyone is quite grateful but I do understand her wanting to train so LeAnne -- for you! Here is a recount of what I've been doing for training.

I'm currently training for the Danskin triathlon which is a sprint. A sprint triathlon is a half-mile swim, a 12-mile bike and a 3.2-mile run -- all very do-able distances and distances I've done many times before.

Each week I make sure to accomplish 6 workouts consisting of a minimum of two swims, two runs and two bike rides. Right now the distances are short but I've been bumping them up each workout. For instance on Wednesday I swam 10 laps and last night I went on a 10-mile bike ride. You can see my training schedule here *I apologize for the poor quality but I can't figure out how to prop an excel worksheet up here so I made a .jpg of it.

There are many reasons why I enjoy training as much as I do. First of all, I really enjoy exercising even when I complain about it. Also my Mother is doing the Danskin along with a few friends of mine. I am so proud of all of all of them! It also gives me the chance to be the boss of them, though lately they are bossing me around! Last night I just wanted to take a nap but somehow my Mom convinced me that I has convinced her that we were going on a bike ride. We headed down to the Burke Gilman (about a 2 mile ride from the house) and cruised along in the path. It was so beautiful and quite enjoyable except for the sneaky hill we have to ride back up to get home from the trail. It's a hill that you don't notice until you start pedaling up it and wondering why you have to pedal harder and the sweat starts dripping down your face. All in all though a great ride!

After exercising my muscles, I proceeded to plop down on the couch and knit on my Cascading Leaves socks. I did the heel flap and when I attempted to try on the socks, I ended up breaking one of my needles (luckily have 5 when I only need 4 but STILL! how dumb of me!).

*So no, I didn't make my bed yesterday or TODAY! HA!

Soon I'll have finished Cascading Leaves socks just like Cari. I'm using Sundara Yarn for these socks and loving it so far! I also did one more repeat on the leg pattern since I prefer longer socks.
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