Sunday, May 21, 2006
Three Wishes…

If I had three wishes, I wouldn’t waste them on wanting riches, nor fame or fancy things. Instead I’d wish for the difficult to find. I’d wish for a loving husband, a trip around the world to help those who need my help and eternal happiness.

I’d use my first wish on a loving husband because wishing is faster than the dating process and finding him on my own. Of course I’d then be without the life experience of dating the all undesirable fish but isn’t that true of the lucky few who find their mate early in life? So I’d use one of my three wishes to find him, the one for me, and the one who would be my equal half, the one who would temper my emotions and teach me about the world.

My second wish would be to travel the world helping those who could use my help. I may not help everyone in the traditional ways of providing medical care for the sick or feeding the starving but I’d let the universe guide me and provide opportunities for my talents to help those who need my assistance. I’d go to Mongolia to help distribute the knitted goods that my friends and I have been making. I’d go to Africa and help provide assistance where there is civil war. I’d go to Peru and help the alpaca farmers shear their flock. I’d go where I was needed.

My third wish would be for eternal happiness. I believe that an unhappy life is one not well lived. My life’s guiding question has always been, “Am I happy?” If I am not happy, then I make changes. If I am happy, then I continue along my path. I’d wish for eternal happiness so that I would be able to enjoy all that the world has to give me, all that it has to offer.

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