Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Woe is me (or how a simple FELTED bag almost broke me)

In January, my friends Meg and Carrie decided that we should do a felted bag knit-along. Seemed like a great idea to me. Little did I know the trauma I was now in.

First of all, the pattern was incorrectly written and I had to take it back to the shop for corrections. Once the pattern was fixed, we set back to knitting. All was happy and great in the land. I mocked Meg. I teased Carrie. Carrie and I tormented Meg. Meg fought back. All was great!

Then came the GROMMETS! The grommets almost put me over the edge. Carrie came over on Friday night and we set to work on grommeting out bags. We talked trash about Meg since she was hosting her Mother visiting from out of town. We spoke about how great our bags would look. We wondered how it took Meg so long to grommet her bag. Ours were going to be GREAT!

Well as they say, pride goeth before the fall. Our grommets looked HORRIBLE! They fell out, we ruined about two boxes worth before running out and realizing that the only way to save the night was to drink more wine. I had also put in some eyelets and those fell out so I did some "ribbon embroidery" to save face.

Carrie and I then visited Purlygirls on Monday and complained about our grommets. Meg pipped up and asked us why were we talking about a piler thing and making gripping motions with our fist. She used a different kind of tool and spoke of a hammer. We were intrigued! Somehow I was able to convince Meg to grommet my bag tonight and Carrie has offered to sew in my bag's lining. The F***ing bag is almost complete!

This really was a group project!

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