Friday, February 01, 2013

On Diets and Eating

Carnival Squash

I've struggled for years with proper eating. I've gone on health food kicks and veggie binges! I've had many a co-worker tell me that they love my homemade lunch and that they can't believe how healthy I eat. And yet, I've never been thin and I've always had a hard time losing weight. I've never been a perfect eater but really does that person exist? I have always tried to eat at least 5 fruits and veggies a day and I always thought ancient grains were the way to go over meat based dishes.


While pregnant with Molly, I was diagnosised with gestational diabetes. I wasn't surprised. I had the risk factors; overweight, over the age of 35, family history. I was disappointed though and I did my best to learn about a healthy low-carb lifestyle. I did excellent on the diabetes diet. I learned that beans and grains are NOT my friend. I learned that lean protein and leafy, green vegetables were my friend. I also sadly learned that squash was something to limit. Man, that was a hard one. I love squash. I even complained to my doctor that I couldn't have all the squash I wanted. She said she usually heard complaints about wanting candy, not wanting squash. Oh I wanted candy too but I was sad about the squash! Mainly because I know that candy is never good for you but squash? Isn't that good for you?

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Then I had Molly and I fell HARD off the good low-carb eating diet. I ate ALL THE CARBS while yelling, MOAR CARBS which meant that I gained weight when I should have been losing weight. I was again disappointed. I had left the hospitable after having Molly weighing less than I had when I got pregnant. I was on the right track!


I went back to calorie counting and somehow forgot all the lessons I learned from the diabetes dietitians. I ate lots of carbs but not a lot of calories. I was also exercising 5 times a week for at least an hour or more. Molly and I could be seen running through our neighborhood all Summer. In fact, my neighbors once commented on how much I was running and walking.  And yet, I still did not lose weight and my face was horribly breaking out.


Then I read, Why We Get Fat and I had my a-ha moment. My body does not do well with carbs. Grains like Quinoa may be healthy for most people but for me, it is not. My body takes carbs and processes them in all the wrong ways.

Since November, I've been eating a low-carb lifestyle (after having a long discussion with my doctor who agreed that I should eat low-carb). I've embraced Paleo (but with dairy because CHEESE!). My face has cleared up. I no longer feel bloated AND I've lost weight. I feel pretty amazing.


I do miss carbs though and I allow myself some once in a while. But it's strange now, I have INSTANT feedback from my body on carbs. I'll have pancakes for brunch and then weigh myself the next morning. I will have gained at least a pound. I also get painful breakout when I have wheat products. With this feedback from my body, it's been easier to stay on the proper path. I'm am still learning everyday what works best for my body and I believe that will be a lifelong education.

I'll talk soon about what an average meal plan looks like for me. I also have some yummy recipes to share too!

What kind of a-ha moments have you had with your diet? What kind of food is ideal for your body?
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