Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sunday Afternoons

On Sunday mornings, I run with my running group while Scott and Molly play at home. I usually arrive back at home during Molly's first nap which gives me time to shower and drink some coffee before the toddler whirlwind begins again.

I have to say, I LOVE Sundays at my house. I get to go out and run (walk/run) in beautiful Seattle before coming home to spend the entire day with my family. We like to head out for brunch after Molly's nap and then we usually just lay around the house. I knit, Scott pokes around on the computer, Molly rampages and naps. If we feel restless, we'll head into downtown Ballard for exploration.

Sometimes we perk up with a Fro-Yo indulgence, a stroll through the Sunday Farmer's Market (which I really need to shop at more often), a visit to the library or some Pho (Scott dearly loves Pho).

Molly is a social kid so she enjoys getting out of the house to check out her city. Scott and I like that she is easily entertained by watching people going about their everyday business.

What are your Sunday rituals? Do you have anything special that you like to do? 

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