Monday, February 18, 2013

Heart Attack!

When I was 30 weeks pregnant, my Mother had a heart attack. The symptoms of a heart attack in women differ from one in men. 

The night my Mother had her heart attack, she told me that she was having a panic attack. She had thrown up at the gym and felt feverish. I told her that she was having a heart attack. She convinced me I was wrong and while I can't change the past, I sometimes wish I could. Because if I could, I would have forced her to go to the ER that night. But since I can't, I like to spread the word that heart attacks in women are different than ones in men. Way different. 
My friend, Meg recently wrote about the symptoms of a heart attack in women and since this is a topic dear to my heart, I wanted to share the video she shared with you.  

Take care of yourselves and your heart. Don't be a hero. I learned that in childbirth. Take your doctor's advice. Go to the ER if you feel sicker than you have ever been. 

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