Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - Bathtub Finger Paints

We awoke to a rainy day which I'll admit, I welcomed with open arms. We've had such a beautiful but dry summer here in Seattle. My plants are gulping down the water and I'm happy to have a day at home. The rain did mean that I had to step up my toddler entertainment though. I was texting with a friend who said she was going to break out the finger paints for her kid which got me searching on Pinterest. I wanted to make something at home because I didn't want to go outside to gather supplies. 


These paints took about 5 minutes to make and that includes gathering the supplies. I used some sterile (unused) jars I had from the doctor's office to store the finished paints.


I stripped Molly down and put her in a swim diaper. I knew I'd be writing this post and no nakid bits will be shown on my blog! You could just strip your child down to their bare bottoms without any issues. 


I gave Molly an old make-up brush and the paints. She quickly got to work, yelling that she was coloring while giggling. My bathtub quickly looked like an abstract painting! No worries though, the  clean-up was easy peasy. 


She played in the tub with the paints for almost an hour. I finally told her that it was time to get out so we could have lunch which led to an epic temper tantrum. Well at least we know the finger painting was a HUGE hit! 

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