Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bunnicula is finally finished and stuffed and gifted! The recipient loved her new bunny and since she is the one I taught to knit last week, she really appreciates it!

In other breaking news, my first copy of Scarf Style has been located!

I returned the second one yesterday for store credit. Now I can go out and buy those books recommended to me by Carolyn

And last night's Spanish class was wonderful! I completely understood most of what the teacher was saying and I learned alot of new words which I'll be practicing today. I could feel my Spanish brain kicking in which felt great!

Today I leave you with Mot's Gnome whom she has named "Psycho" since he scares her in the morning when she leaves the house. You know this means I spend my time repositioning him on her front porch in order to scare her more. I'm such a great Best Friend!

P.S. Go see Hotel Rwanda. It is a MUST see. It makes me want to do more for the world and make America do more for the world because this kind of thing is not acceptable.
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