Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Hot Stuff

In my eternal quest to become sexy, I visited the foot doctor last week. While training for the marathon this past year, I developed plantar fasciitis. My visit with the doctor was very informative and he took the time to repair my orthotics. He also gave me a night splint to wear every night. This is where the sexiness comes in. This thing is gigantic and bulky!

I am also convinced that this "splint" is actually a form of modern torture. First of all, it is HUGE and makes getting your now elephant leg under the bedcovers extremely difficult. Then it forces your foot into an uncomfortable position to "stretch" the foot, causing you extruciating pain the next day. So far, I've not made it through a night wearing this device. Somehow without waking myself up, I rip it off in the night and throw it away from myself in a self protective manuever. I've been told through that one must suffer a bit before this works and they had better not be lying to me! This "treatment" is worse than the initial pain!

On a better note, last night a Seattle Times reporter visited the Purly Girls for an article about knitting and its rise in popularity. I can not wait to see what is written. The reporter's questions were fantastic and quite thoughtful.
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