Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Something or another

I was going to talk about Clapotis today but now I need to rant a little bit. Just a bit and then I'll get over it, maybe.

OK so I've been working at this place since April and today I moved desks for the FOURTH time. And I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE. God is obviously trying to teach me something here but what is happening is that I am feeling uncomfortable at my new desk. Everything tilts to the left and I work to the right. Seriously I don't feel comfortable. I feel like I'm tilting the wrong way and it's not working. I feel closed in. I can't work like this...oh I hope I can adjust but I don't see it happening. This isn't working! ugghhhghghggh!

**UPDATED** I wasn't very clear here. The desk doesn't actually's one of those corner desks that has a longer end on one end and that side goes to the left which means I have no space to work on the right side of the desk and that is where I do a majority of my work. The clerk is totally feeling my pain and said this location has always been hard for people. He's trying to give me ideas but I'm not adjusting well.
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