Thursday, February 24, 2005

Last night under direction from Kenn, I went to Hale's for a beer out of my mug.

Stella! Do you see that I have your name on MY mug?*

Before Kenn up and left and moved himself to San Diego, we used to visit Hale's on a regular basis to partake of some Wee Heavy out of our beer mugs. Sadly, I have been left alone to keep up this tradition and what I have found is that it was really Kenn who made the tradition so much fun!

Well no more! Last night I went to Hale's with my friend Darcy and we talked and talked and talked. It was wonderful! Of course this meant that there wasn't any time for knitting but I'm ok with that because tonight I plan to take a day off from exercising (bah!) and knit before my Espanol class at a nearby coffee shop. I'll also be finishing up my homework because BEER doesn't leave time for homework either!

I completely lust after Stella Artois Beer and when I got the chance to name my mug, I had to name it Stella after the beer of all beers. And I do like to yell "Stella" like they did in West Side Story.
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