Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Departing Sleeve Island

I decided to do things a bit differently around here. I went to sleeve island first for this sweater. And it has been worth it! Last night I finished the second sleeve (well up to where the sleeve cap shaping begins and then it went onto a stitch holder) and cast on for the back this morning.

For now I'm trying very hard to stay focused on the Hooded Weekend Sweater and on Lara. I realized last night at Purly Girls that both of these have been hanging around much TOOOOOO long. I realized how long they had been hanging out when Jessica said, "You are STILL working on Lara?" Ermmmmm, well while I may have started this in September, I didn't work on it from October to January -- PRIME LARA WEARING SEASON! So now I need to get these done so I can potentially wear them this year. Yep, new focus....must focus....focusing....Jessica! I'm not focusing! Look at all the pretty shiny yarn everywhere!

Check out Jessica in this article. What stars!


Are you people trying to distract me? A few months ago, when Norma was my Secret Pal, she sent me two skeins of gorgous alpaca yarn. I have finally realized that these two skeins would be perfect for the flower basket shawl from Interweave Knits. And now I need to cast on for this project! Oh the distractions! (they are lovely though!)
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