Monday, February 14, 2005
My Name is Ixie

This past weekend, I dogsat my nephew, Phoenix. He is about 5 months old and quite the handful. There are constant potty breaks outside, toys to be fetched and cats for him to chase. And most importantly (for him), there was yarn to be chewed on!

I rescued the yarn shortly after this was taken!

Julie and Zubin got the chance to meet Phoenix. Zubin LOVED Phoenix and they played for over an hour. It only took a short time for Phoenix to get over Zubin's size and get chomping on his tail and paws. Phoenix has NO fear and Zubin did his best to get down to Phoenix's level so they could play. Phoenix was worn out though and slept the entire way home.

Phoenix thought Julie was the Bee's Knees and followed her around. She asked if he had a nickname and I said I didn't think so. After some careful thought, she whispered, "I'm going to call him Ixie!" AND I think he likes it!

Ixie also liked Julie's boyfriend, Eric and devoted time to sitting in his lap while chewing on his leg.

There was fun! There was chewing! There was leaping! In the end, I think Phoenix had fun. I know Zubin did!

I'm sure that right now Ixie is missing me. Yep, my brother may deny it and my sister-in-law might think otherwise, but he misses me right now. Yep, he does!

Lady, Give me the yarn and no one gets hurt!
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