Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Fighting the procrastination spirit

Last night I told the Procrastination Spirit to give it up, I was casting on for the back of my Ronnie sweater no matter how much whining was involved. The Ronnie sweater requires a cable cast on and while I can adapt, I am not very fast when it comes to casting on in this style. Of course, it gave me practice for my Birch cast-on.

Here is the back of Ronnie, all cast on and a few rows knitted. Today I shall set knitting goals for myself and get this sweater done!

Zubin recently moved into a new place (which is a bit closer to me and is owned by his owner). I visited him there this weekend and after failing to push me down the stairs, he took to guarding the doorway. I think it was to keep me from leaving without him.

Ignore that pathetic face! He got to go on a walk to the lake shortly after this photo was taken!
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