Tuesday, August 09, 2005
These sleeves may yet be the death of me!

As I prepare to depart sleeve island, I also sit back to reflect on my trip to Sleeve Island. It has been a hard and laborious trip. One where there was cursing, ripping and hand-ringing. I made my first sleeve while working the garage sale at the beginning of July. Towards the middle of the month, I finished the first sleeve and began the second sleeve. It wasn't long before I discovered that the first sleeve was made for someone with much longer arms than me. I knew I would have to rip but I felt ok with that. Then I noticed a few mistakes which were easily fixed.

Last night I cast off on the second sleeve and set to ripping the first. So far the fixing is going well. I'm back on the sleeve cap and the decreases are looking good. All mistakes have been rectified and now I am just hoping that these sleeves are the right length. (*Fingers Crossed!*)

Tonight if I can get off Sleeve Island, I plan to cast on the back of this sweater. I have goals here people! This would make the perfect September Sweater if I can get it done by then. So I'll be setting some goals for myself and the knitting festival will continue.

Now if I could just stop the startistis problem I've been experiencing. You know where you start one project, cast it aside, start another, cast that one aside, buy new yarn, start another project...you know the procedure.

Yep, trying to just focus on the one for now. I want to wear this baby!
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